Geneva Wineries

As avid food and drink lovers, have you ever spent so many summer days vacationing at the Geneva, Ohio wines! Also called Ohio wine country, Geneva vineyards are among the top in Ohio. So sit down, grab your glass of sweet, tangy Ohio wine, and take a look how to visit the best wineries in Northeast Ohio in just one day. Here's how:Start with the Geneva Wineries & Arts Center. It's located on Wisconsin Street in downtown Geneva, just east of State Street. Hours are usually Monday through Saturday, except for a few weeks during the summer. There's also a Farmers Market on the first weekend in May, plus the public is welcome to come out and taste any of their wines during the summer. This is a great place to take lunch or learn a thing or two about wine. The center has four tasting rooms for tasting, one that has four different kinds of wine from across the globe. If you're planning to visit the Geneva Wineries & Arts Center, make sure to check out their tasting room. It's one of the largest of its kind in Ohio, and houses over 60 different kinds of wine. You can try all kinds of neat cuvus selections, as well as Merlot. Some other wine selections in the tasting room include French Beaujolais and Chardonnay. There are no age limits, so if you're a younger fan of wine, you should definitely stop by. Just down the street from Geneva Wineries is the City of Geneva. The area is home to quite a few wine country hotels like The Hamilton Place. Here you can find an affordable stay if you're in the mood for a vacation, or you can stay with a group of friends and purchase a small room at a top hotel chain. Geneva itself is a great city to explore, and there's so much to do when you get there. Another great thing about this wine country is the shopping. Geneva is filled with huge malls and large town areas filled with specialty shops and cafes. The Geneva Convention Center is also a great place to shop, and is the biggest mall in the city. It's host to numerous events, including musical shows and movie premiers. Many of the Geneva Wineries also offer tours of their facilities. A variety of wine may be offered on these tours, including Chardonnay and Merlot. These wineries are just a few of many you can visit in the Ohio wine country. If you want to see a few other places that offer a taste of this winery nation, there are various cities you could visit. Geneva, Switzerland is another popular stop for tourists in the Ohio wine country. This town is nestled at the foot of Mount Switzerland. You can book a wine tour that will allow you to take a gondola ride to the top of the mountain. Then, enjoy viewing the lush greenery as you enjoy your meal. Geneva has been named one of the "Ten Paradises of the World." No matter what your taste is, there is sure to be a gondola wine tasting vacation that is right for you. When it comes to vineyards, most people are looking for the famous ones. Geneva has many of the big time names, including Hallmark, Robert Mondavi, Bondau, Bertram, Kerkorian and Grossmann. These four have been named among the "Selected Brands of the World," and their products have proven themselves time again to be the taste of choice. When you are ready to treat yourself to some of this sweet Switzerland with a picnic, you should make your way to Geneva, where you can take in the sights, the sounds, and the food of this popular Swiss town on Saturday afternoon.